2018 Programme

Day 1: Guildhall, City of London


Registration, coffee and exhibition viewing

Those attending day one of the conference can apply for up to five hours of CPD points awarded by CILT


Welcome and Introduction

Christopher M Hayward CC , Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee, Member for the Ward of Broad Street , City of London
Ann Marie Knegt , Editor , LAPV
Alex Williams , Director of City Planning , Transport for London


Large scale advanced propulsion vehicle deployments

• Learn how to create a world-class sustainable fleet operation
• Find out about best practices for strategic deployment of advanced propulsion vehicles
• Learn about creating pathway to Government agencies and assistance programmes
• Find out how to make a the return on investment for sustainable fleet operations


Mark Mark Scoggins , Solicitor Health and Safety and Environmental Law , Fisher Scoggins Waters


The impact of Brexit on fleet procurement: best practice and lessons learned from USA trade relations

• Gain insightful detail on the possible trade procurement relations between the UK and the EU
• Become up-to-date about significant best practice from established procurement systems in USA 
• Benefit from listening to an international authority in business and trade law and gain a high-level appreciation to the changing demands and requirements in UK fleet procurement post Brexit 

Professor Christopher Bovis FRSA , Professor of International and European Business Law , University of Hull


Electric technology for RCVs

Johan Seuffert , Fleet Manager , City of Stockholm
Sean Figura ESCM CMILT , Total Supply Chain, Logistics Recruiter , ICC Solutions


Break, coffee, and exhibition viewing


Creating an innovation culture and achieving better recruitment practice

• Find out how the RAF's 'Thinking to Win' programme can work for your organisation
• Find out how to double your innovation journey 
• Learn about the three key ingredients to focus brainpower on challenges and opportunities for success

Richard Atkinson , Director of Marketing and Communications , CILT


Implementing a responsible procurement strategy

• Learn how to implement a responsible procurement programme
• Find out how to highlighting issues such as social value, environmental sustainability, and ethical sourcing at an appropriate level can help achieve a better return on investment
• Find out how responsible procurement of vehicles can significantly improve core local authority services, and lead to better future contracts 

Christopher Bell FCIPS , Commercial Director , City of London Corporation


Lunch and exhibition viewing


Urban air pollution from road transport – good news and bad news

• Learn about air pollution in comparison to legal limits, as well as the health impact
• Find out about progress on improving air pollution from road traffic 
• Gain an understanding about non-tail pipe particle sources
• See evidence on the variable performance of selective catalytic converters to clean up NOX and NO2 from diesels 

Dr Gary Fuller , Air Pollution Scientist , King's College London


How Vison Zero can contribute to safety and sustainability for vehicle fleets

• Learn what Vision Zero tells us about our current vehicles and what can be achieved by a holistic approach
• Find out what Vision Zero has meant so far and what it has achieved for public sector fleets worldwide 
• Find out how Vision Zero can help your fleet and authority and how it will affect the future of fleet management

Richard Harris , Director , Ohmio, and ITS UK


Understand your cradle-to-grave fleet data. Make smarter decisions

• Learn how single system integration with CAM (Capital Asset Management), Fleet Focus and Fuel Focus, or maintenance and fuel systems can benefit you 
• Learn how to achieve compliance and how to remove single points of failure 
• Find out how to use life cycle modelling by category and create the ability to build strategic replacement plans up to 20 years out 

Nick Bridle , Professional Services Consultant , Assetworks


Tea and coffee break and exhibition viewing


Bio fuel trials and creating a zero carbon fleet

• Gain an insight to the benefits of renewable biofuel 
• Learn about successes and challenges of implementing electric vehicles and supporting charging infrastructure
• Find out about potential developments for EVs and their infrastructure

Norman Harding , Corporate Fleet Manager , London Borough of Hackney Council


The Future of New York City's Fleet

• Learn how the New York City Clean Fleet initiative has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by 50%
• Find out what New York City’s Vision Zero programme has done for safety, and how the fleet is playing a leading part
• Find out how innovations in fleet procurement for the largest municipal fleet in the world can work for your fleet as well

Keith Kerman , Chief Fleet Officer , City of New York


Final panel debate: Changes in Government administration; how policy changes will affect your operation and how to steer your department through tumultuous times

Discussion led by host Alastair Moss, Deputy Chairman of the Planning & Transportation Committee City of London
Panellists: Mike Britt, Chris Bovis, Gary Fuller, Norman Harding, Keith Kerman, Richard Atkinson


Close of conference

Christopher M Hayward CC , Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee, Member for the Ward of Broad Street , City of London
Ann Marie Knegt , Editor , LAPV

17:30 - 23:00

Drinks reception and dinner followed by LAPV Future Fleet Awards

Day 2: City of London Corporation Offices, London


Coffee and networking

Those attending day two of the conference can apply for up to 3.5 hours of CPD points awarded by CILT


Fleet and Road Safety workshop

• Learn about the importance of driver training, education, and Messaging
• Find out about tracking collisions in a global fashion to review issues and trends
• Learn about the development and implementation of the New York City Safe Fleet Transition Plan
• Find out how to use vehicle telematics to monitor overall driver behaviour and significant events
• City Mark aims to influence the level of Work Related Road Safety (WRRS) compliance on construction sites in the City of London helping reduce risks for vulnerable road users


Eric Richardson DCFMO , Deputy Chief Fleet Officer, New York City and City of London Representative , City of London Corporation
Sheila Moules , Behaviour Change and Campaigns Officer , City of London Corporation


Coffee break


Driver and mechanic shortage workshop, plus how to champion our industry and attract new talent / NYC education initiative at schools

• Find out what the barriers for entry for new drivers and mechanics are
• Find out what ‘Championing the Industry’ looks like
• Find out how to attract new talent, and what works and what does not?
• Find out how the New York City Fleet has a successful partnership with the public high schools and colleges to promote automotive education including paid internships, equipment and support
• Learn how New York City is growing partnerships and efforts to establish pathways to employment in the fleet industry, public and private
• Learn how London’s City Mark aims to influence the level of Work Related Road Safety (WRRS) compliance on construction sites in the City of London helping reduce risks for vulnerable road users


Austin Birks FCILT , Bus & Coach Forum Chair/CILT Transport & Logistics Safety Forum Vice Chair , CILT




Fleet consolidation, interoperability between departments and procurement strategies

Fleet consolidation, interoperability between departments and procurement strategies

• Learn how New York City completed a major consolidation of fleet services involving light and heavy-duty repair, auto parts, and auction
• Find out how New York City implemented a culture of sharing across agencies for daily fleet servicing, pool cars, and contract specifications
• Learn how the City of London’s experience of reducing fleet and working collaboratively across departments to utilise vehicles and plant
• Find out how the City of London procured contracts and how other departments benefited for their vehicle repairs and services from the contractor
• Find out how the City of London reviewed its fleet and maximised from the sale of the vehicles and plant at auction, with a job lot

Keith Kerman , Chief Fleet Officer , City of New York
Arend Mouton , Vehicle Fleet Manager , City of London Police
Vince Dignam , Business Performance Manager , City of London


Final discussion and close

Ann Marie Knegt , Editor , LAPV