2018 Speakers Included

Michael Britt, Sr.
Senior Consultant
MG Britt Consulting Inc

Nick Bridle
Professional Services Consultant

Professor Claes Tingval
Professor and Senior Consultant
AF Consulting, Sweden

Eric Richardson DCFMO
Deputy Chief Fleet Officer, New York City and City of London Representative
City of London Corporation

Austin Birks FCILT
Bus & Coach Forum Chair/CILT Transport & Logistics Safety Forum Vice Chair

Arend Mouton
Vehicle Fleet Manager
City of London Police

Vince Dignam
Business Performance Manager
City of London

Richard Atkinson
Director of Marketing and Communications

Sheila Moules
Behaviour Change and Campaigns Officer
City of London Corporation

Professor Christopher Bovis FRSA
Professor of International and European Business Law
University of Hull

Dr Gary Fuller
Air Pollution Scientist
King's College London

Keith Kerman
Chief Fleet Officer
City of New York

Christopher Bell FCIPS
Commercial Director
City of London Corporation

Christopher M Hayward CC
Chairman of the Planning and Transportation Committee, Member for the Ward of Broad Street
City of London

Norman Harding
Corporate Fleet Manager
London Borough of Hackney Council