Councils promoting more paid-for waste services says Spedian

Cash-strapped local authorities are promoting their business waste services more than ever before to maximise their revenue streams.

Spedian, which specialises in quick-change vehicle graphics, has identified an upswing in demand for campaigns about commercial waste.

The company helps many councils across the UK to turn their bin lorries into moving billboards spreading public information messages.

Mostly these highlight recycling initiatives or campaigns about fly-tipping, littering or dog mess, but a few councils are now using them to advertise their paid-for services.

Lawrence Craig, CEO of Spedian, said: ‘Councils are becoming canny and realising that they cannot afford to lose out on business when they have the fleet available.

‘More councils are now advertising their commercial waste collection services – which brings in revenue from businesses – to maximise their income streams.

‘Advertising on the side of refuse collection vehicles is a natural avenue for reaching their target audience. RCVs are highly visible and pass down every street in an area.

‘We are getting more enquiries from councils about providing them with graphics about commercial waste as well as other paid-for services such as grass-cutting or gardening.

‘Every penny counts these days and using your own refuse collection trucks to advertise a paid-for service is good value for money.’

Spedian panels can be installed or uninstalled in less than one hour, so are easy to fit at the end of the working day and graphics can be changed as often as needed.